Nicholas Chambers Mystery Series


Nicholas Chambers is a hard boiled, cynical private investigator working in the City of Providence during the 1940's.  His cases drag him into the underbelly of the city as he solves mysteries while staying one short step ahead of the law.  Murder and espionage become part of wartime life in the early 1940's, and Chambers does his part to see that justice is done. 

Argentine Mist   © Copyright 2011

It’s October 1941. As a tropical storm hits the City of Providence, private investigator Nicholas Chambers finds himself caught up in the search for a missing woman, and gets entangled with the Providence underworld and a secretive group operating along the Rhode Island coastline. A midnight trip to a secluded house along Warwick Neck ignites the case, and plunges Chambers into a mystery that tests his abilities to the limit.

Long Winters Nap  © Copyright 2011

With only five days until Christmas 1942, Shepards Department Store Vice President James Burkhart hires Private Investigator Nicholas Chambers to look into the murky past of his future son-in-law. The mystery deepens when an eccentric art collector recruits Chambers to purchase a rare Austrian clock at auction. A beautiful French woman and a mysterious group operating on the outskirts of Providence draw Chambers deeper into the mystery, and open his eyes to an imminent threat facing his way of life. Christopher Dacey is an author living in Coventry, R.I. Long Winter's Nap is the second Nicholas Chambers Detective novel in a series.

Mystery at Oceancrest © Copyright 2014

Private Detective Nicholas Chambers is summoned to the oceanfront estate of retired millionaire Eugene Campbell, where he is hired to investigate the death of his daughter Vera five years earlier. Chambers reluctantly takes on the case, which leads him into a seedy Chinatown underworld andculminates at Oceancrest, where a web of deception and betrayal spanning the course of two decades is finally revealed.

The Secret of Isabella Meer  
© Copyright 2015

Private Detective Nicholas Chambers boards the SS Santa Rosa on a simple assignment; Cross the Atlantic aboard the luxury liner, pick up a female passenger and bring her back to the states. Soon an elderly passenger is found dead, one is missing, and mysterious forces aboard the ship are working against Chambers as he tries to uncover the secret of Isabella Meer.

An Unholy Murder © Copyright 2016

Private Detective Nicholas Chambers receives a midnight telephone call and is summoned to St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church in Cranston, R.I. Greeted by his childhood friend Fr. Richard O’Rourke, he is taken to the church bell tower. What he is shown there plunges him into a decade old mystery, testing the limits of his detective skills, and opening his eyes to the forces of good and evil at work in the world.

Shadow over Providence © Copyright 2019

When Nick’s secretary is found brutally murdered in his office, he suddenly becomes the authority’s number one suspect. He pledges to track down her killer, but must first prove his own innocence. Nothing is what it seems to be in this case, as Chambers faces his most formidable hidden adversary….


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